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Engine detox

Our engine carbon cleaning system is the ultimate detox for your engine

Engine Detox HHO engine cleaning

New for 2018

Carbon Tec HHO Innovative technology to help clear carbon build-up in your engine which will improve performance and lower emissions.

Overtime carbon deposits block and clog your engine which will lower your fuel economy and reduced BHP leaving your engine noisier and with lower performance.

Low compression on a cylinder can cause engine misfiring and weak engine performance, let our treatment clean your engine of carbon deposits and improve your engine performance.

Our Carbon Tec HHO machine loosens built-up carbon by releasing hydrogen into your vehicles air inlet system while running cleaning your engine and associated areas.

With newer MOT regulations and stricter limits on emissions if smoke of any colour is seen coming from your exhaust your vehicle with fail its MOT with a major fault. Our Carbon Tec HHO helps to clear this in preparation for tests and retests and can mean the difference between a fail or a pass.

By having your engine cleaned with our HHO machine it will help prevent engine runaway and excessive temperatures which can cause damage to your engine and its components. It will allow your engine to burn fuel more efficiently and reducing fuel consumption and reduce the amount of pollutants release into the atmosphere.

Our Carbon Tec HHO machine is suitable for both petrol and diesel vehicles with or without DPFs.

Our engine carbon cleaning system is the ultimate detox for your engine:

  • Restores engine power and performance
  • Lowers harmful emission
  • Revitalises fuel efficiency
  • Helps avoid costly repair bills
  • Reduces engine noise and vibration

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